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In pace with the fast development of bingo on the internet, the choice for you, the player, increases, too. It is easy to believe that there are innumerable versions to choose between and, of course, that is true to an extent. But the fact is that there are actually only three kinds of bingo that form the basis for all the versions played in our part of the world and that you can also find in the various Swedish bingo halls and bingo on the internet. To make choosing easier, here at Bingo Online we have put together a guide for these different games.

As mentioned, bingo can vary quite a lot depending on where you find yourself. In Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland, they play a kind of bingo that many of you should recognize, namely Scandinavian bingo. Scandinavian bingo is primarily characterized by the fact that the card contains 75 numbers. This way of playing is very similar to the North American version. However, there is a difference that in the North American version, unlike the former, one gets to choose one’s numbers before play begins.

The other kind, played with 90 numbers instead of 75, is primarily played in the British Isles and in Australia and is a kind of bingo that we shall not be dealing with in this guide as it is not so popular as regards bingo on the internet. Instead, we shall focus on Scandinavian bingo.

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Bingo on the internet is making great strides and as the market grows there are many bingo halls with many different versions of bingo. The aim of this guide is to give you, the player, an overview of the kinds of games that exist, but to find the version that best suits you, you have to start playing. If you want to find out a bit more before getting started with bingo, feel free to read our reviews of the most popular bingo halls. There, you will find opinions and reflections regarding user friendliness, layout and popularity, among others.

To play bingo on the internet is a very pleasant pastime and the important thing is to have fun and get going.

The different versions you can find online

At a closer look, one can see that Scandinavian bingo is quickly dominated by two different versions, Classic Bingo and Variant Bingo. There is one other kind called Pattern Bingo. However, let’s start with the most common version – Classic Bingo.

Classic bingo

Classic Bingo

By far the commonest bingo is Classic Bingo. When you play this version of the game, you need to get five numbers in a row, whether horizontally, vertically or diagonally. In other words, that’s the basics. The card you buy and play with contains a total of 25 numbers between 1 and 75 and the first person to get Bingo wins the whole round, which ends after one or several, if they get it at the same time, players get Bingo.

Pattern bingo

Pattern Bingo

A third version of bingo is Pattern Bingo. When you play Pattern Bingo, you need to, depending on your card’s appearance, get the numbers that are predetermined. The reason for this version being called Pattern Bingo is that the bingo card is made up of patterns. You might come across patterns such as numbers, letters, symmetrical patterns or something else entirely. To get a Bingo you have to get all the numbers in the predetermined squares.

Variant bingo

Variant Bingo

The big difference between Classic Bingo and Variant Bingo is that the latter contains five different draws before the game is over. Just as in Classic Bingo, you can get a Bingo horizontally, vertically or diagonally, but as there are five draws in Variant Bingo, of course the chances of getting a Bingo with the same card increases. To get a Bingo in Variant Bingo you have to fill in the following:

First round – 1 row
Second round – 2 rows
Third round – 3 rows
Fourth round – 4 rows
Fifth round – 5 rows

This also means that a single player can win several rounds with the same card.  See also: Internet Bingo
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