Ball in the Bingo Hall

Are you a new bingo player who has never played bingo before? Or, do you usually play bingo live and would like to try internet bingo? In that case, read the following short text explaining how bingo halls work. All the essential elements of the bingo hall are discussed so that you, as a beginner, won’t feel lost when you try playing bingo on the internet.

Find the right bingo hall

A bingo hall is the platform where bingo is played. However, first you have to choose the bingo hall where you want to play. One good way to find such a bingo hall is to read independent reviews on internet bingo halls. Here you will find useful information that will make your choice easier.

Many online bingo halls offer a new customer a small welcome bonus or a chance to test the different games without betting money. In this way, you get a perfect introduction to your new online bingo hall.

However, do not let an offer of a bonus tempt you to register with an unreliable or unsafe site. Always choose sites with a good reputation.

Register and explore the bingo hall

The next step is to register on the bingo hall you have chosen. Once you have done that, you can explore the design of the bingo hall and start to play bingo.

To be able to play with real money, you also need to deposit money into your gaming account. So before you can get started, you have to make a deposit. Today, most sites offer several different deposit methods so that you can find a payment method that suits you. The deposit is made directly with most payment methods.

The bingo card

The bingo card is naturally the central part of the game. In the bingo hall you can buy cards according to your own preference and can often choose exactly which cards you want to play with. Nothing strange about it!

You can buy one or more bingo cards depending on what you prefer. You buy cards either by clicking on the cards you want and pressing the buy button in the menu. Sometimes there is a limit to how many cards you can buy in one game, then there is a lock that prevents you from buying more cards than the allowed maximum number.
The bingo account is usually clearly visible and you can also click further to get an overview of your transactions.

The ball track and information in the hall

Another important part of an internet bingo hall is the ball track, where the numbers of the bingo balls are shown.

In the bingo hall you can also often see information about:

  • How many cards have been sold in the game round
  • How many players are participating in the round
  • Which players are close to bingo
  • How big the prize pool is
  • How much time is left until the next game
  • What the progressive jackpot is worth if there is one in the game

Features and settings

In the bingo hall there are often several clever features. For example, it can be about win messages popping up when someone has got bingo. Or that the cards that are close to bingo are marked or sorted first in the game window.

There is also usually the possibility to make your own settings in the game. For example, if you want to mark the numbers yourself on the cards or let the computer mark the numbers automatically. In some bingo halls you can set what shape or color you want the marker to mark the numbers with.

The Chat

The last and most fun part of an online bingo hall is the chat. Through the chat you can get answers to your questions (also available through the support) from special moderators. These hosts also arrange special competitions directly in the chat. In the chat you can naturally also interact with other bingo players you are playing against. This function is often very much appreciated among bingo players.