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Bertil Bingo review

Betyg 7
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Important: For now it's not possible to play at Bertil's without a Swedish social security number. Bingo is a phenomenon that has been an everyday part of life for decades. Now that it appeared on the internet, Malta-registered Bertil Bingo became one of the companies that quickly became a force in the market.

Bertil Bingo

At Bertil Bingo, which to all intents and purposes began in September of 2006, you can find most of what is available in the world of bingo: Classic Bingo cards, the lesser extra games as well as an extremely pleasant chat function for you to use with your friends or to make new ones.

The reason for Bertil Bingo having quickly become a popular player on the scene is probably due to their work in creating a pleasant game site for those interested in bingo and which is fun to be in. The chat function, which you can use to talk with your co-players whilst the game is on, increases the feeling of being among real people and makes it easy to forget you're sitting in front of a computer, which can, of course, be both good and bad!

Why choose Bertil Bingo?

Bearing in mind the functions that, apart from the actual bingo playing, are offered by the site, Bertil Bingo is much more than just a bingo site. It is as much a meeting place where you can go to meet new and interesting people. You can use the My Friends functionality to keep track of your bingo buddies, as well as create your personalized bingo profile.

Bertil Bingo Lobby

If we concentrate on Bertil Bingo’s key objective, playing bingo, there are several positives to mention. As mentioned, it is fun to play bingo at Bertil Bingo, as you have access to a well developed bingo hall. The best thing about Bertil Bingo is that you get a good overview of its play. The payment section is smooth and it is simple to navigate the menu which, whilst play is underway, can provide help for a variety of questions.

But what keeps you coming back to Bertil Bingo isn’t any particular function, but the combination as a whole – a well integrated payment section, bingo card, chat function and menu. In short, the site has everything for those interested in bingo and for those who are not yet used to online bingo, Bertil Bingo is a good starting point.

What is good about it?

Bertil Bingo is a bingo site that is very user friendly. It is simple to play bingo using the site and you are able to keep an eye on the play at all times. It is also easy to get going, as registration and depositing money into your user account are both quick to do. Extra attractions are the pleasant chat and “My Friends” functionalities.

What could be better?

The design is rather simple and could definitely be improved to make the site more attractive.

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